New Poll: Most Support Stronger For-profit Education Regulation

Wanted: For-profit Education Regulation Sheriff. photo: flickr user SteveM_61

The for-profit education frontier needs a stronger sheriff in town, say townspeople.

In June, the Department of Education released regulations to rein the industry in. As a result, worried investors hammered the stocks of many companies like Apollo Group, Capella Education and Strayer Education. Still, many critics argued that the new regulations amounted to nothing more than a slap on the wrist. Seems, most of you agree— at least those of you who responded to our poll.

Last month, we asked our readers to help us get a fresh look at the sentiment around for-profit and online education. In our unscientific results, the majority had at least a bachelor’s degree and most graduate degrees.

To our surprise, half of the responders are still lukewarm about online education. We suspect this number has shifted in recent years. The majority still fall in the range between “It’s all a sham” to “Pretty bad.” It’s clear online education still has a public relations problem.

Still, the for-profit and online education industry will be happy to note that as compared to five years ago, people are more upbeat about internet courses:


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